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August Music History

Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Steve Perry are posing for a picture

MTV launched
38 years ago
Aug 1, 1981

a close up of a logo 

Def Leppard released the album "Hysteria"
Aug 3, 1987

a woman wearing a black dress

Pat Benatar released
"Crimes of Passion"
Aug 5, 1980

a close up of a logo

Woodstock 50 Years Ago
Day 1 of 4
Aug 15, 1969

a man holding a book

Guns N' Roses released
"Sweet Child O' Mine"
Aug 17, 1988

a man holding a book

Pearl Jam released the album
Aug 27, 1991

August Artist Birthdays

Aug 11, 1949
Eric Carmen
Aug 15, 1948
Tom Johnston
Aug 16, 1958
a woman holding a baseball bat

Aug 23, 1949
Rick Springfield
Lionel Richie posing for the camera
Aug 25, 1949
Gene Simmons
a woman talking on a cell phone
Aug 31, 1945
Van Morrison
a person posing for the camera