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December Music History

Janis Joplin talking on a cell phone

The Altamont Concert Turns Violent
Dec 6, 1969

Violence At Altamont: The 'Hells Angels Stabbing' And The End Of The 1960s

Dolly Parton holding a book

John Lennon was killed
Dec 8, 1980

a group of people in a forest
Queen album "A Day at the Races" was released
Dec 10, 1976

a group of people in a forest
9-5 movie opened in theaters featuring Dolly Parton
Dec 19, 1980

Nikki Sixx wearing a black jacket

Nikki Sixx overdosed and died for two minutes then was revived again
Dec 23, 1987

December Artist Birthdays

Dec 8, 1957
Phil Collen
Dec 11, 1958
Nikki Sixx
Dec 18, 1943
Keith Richards
a woman holding a baseball bat

Dec 20, 1945
Peter Criss
Lionel Richie posing for the camera
Dec 30, 1945
Davy Jones
a woman talking on a cell phone
Dec 13, 1942
Andy Summers
a person posing for the camera