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July Music History

Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Steve Perry are posing for a picture
Tesla recorded the album
"Five Man Acoustical Jam"
July 2, 1990

a close up of a logo
Sonny & Cher released the song
"I Got You Babe"
July 10, 1965
Charlie Watts, Brian Jones posing for the camera
Live Aid concert took place
34 years ago
July 13, 1985

a close up of a logo
AC/DC released the album
"Back in Black"
July 25, 1980
a man holding a book
Lynyrd Skynyrd released the song
"Sweet Home Alabama"
July 27, 1974
a man holding a book
Grand Funk released the song
"We're an American Band"
July 28, 1973

July Artist Birthdays

July 3, 1975
Stephen Pearcy
July 5, 1950
Huey Lewis
July 11, 1959
Richie Sambora

a woman holding a baseball bat

July 22, 1947
Don Henley

Lionel Richie posing for the camera
July 23, 1965
Saul "Slash" Hudson

a woman talking on a cell phone
July 26, 1943
Mick Jagger
a person posing for the camera