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1 Night of Peace & Music

Take a “trip” back in time with us as we celebrate peace, love, and rock n roll! We're celebrating Woodstock's 50th anniversary!

1969 was a wild time to be alive! The epic last performance from the Beatles,  Civil Rights Movements, 1st man on the moon, Vietnam, and free love. So pull out the fringe, channel your free spirit, and let’s relive the original Woodstock through flower power, free love and festival wear. Join us for one night of peace and music to raise money for charity.

Friday, August 16th

Grab Your Tickets!


Starting July 18th every Thursday night is 80's night and it's going to be totally radical!

*NOTE* Normal hours of operation will be from 9pm - 2am unless otherwise for a private event

We relived senior year all over again, 70s style! Based off the 70s vibes from the popular movie "Dazed and Confused", we brought back the dazed days of senior year. 

All ticket proceeds from the event were donated to the Team Gleason Foundation. We're thrilled to say we raised a total of $3,000 and we couldn't have done it without those who attended!